Northern Strike Paintball/Airsoftt



Thank you all for being part of our 2018 OP: Black Talon Event.

With our two teams Russia and Ukraine we can expect some major fire fights from both ends and with approximately 25 acres and over 4 Km of maintained trails, various bunkers, and many other obstacles throughout.

One again we will be mailing out packages to those that have bought tickets, in the package you will receive.

1. Northern Strike Operation Black Talon team patch

2. Ticket for the event

3. Picture ID

4. Field map of the play area

5. Information package from our visitor info center

6. Waiver that must be signed and brought to the field on game day

To clarify each team has a unique patch design, on your on secret page the logo you see is the patch you will receive.

Picture ID will be used for you to gain access to the field; you will be asked to show it at the main gate, if you do not have your I.D you will not be granted access, this I.D will also be used during the game play and on the I.D there will be a unique number that may be used for draws or any other surprises that may come up, you card can also be used for identification purposes in case you are not sure of who your team mates are.

Waiver must be returned and given at the time of showing your identification, at the bottom of the waiver please put down your unique identification number from your I.D.

If you have not sent me Picture I.D then please email it to me and include what team you are on and specialty if you wish to have that on there as well.

We will be mailing out your packages around the first or second week of March 2018 and a signature will be required for your package, this will let us know if you have received it or it got lost in the mail.

If you misplace your I.D, badge or the complete package we will only issue you another one after paying a $10.00 administration fee.

Because we have all settled in our groups there will be no switching people, the groups you are in is the group you will belong with until the end of the scenario.

Once the tickets are gone there will be no more sales.