Northern Strike Paintball/Airsoftt





Northern Strike Paintball

Field rules

1 - Safety goggles must be worn at all times inside the playing area and at the chrono range.

Safety goggles may only be removed in the Mash area where barrel plugs/socks are required.

There is absolutely no exception to this rule.



2 - No person may enter the playing area without signing a waiver form.

Players from 14 to 18 years of age will need a parent's signature to play paintball.

All Players must stay within the designated boundaries.



3 - No shooting into or out of the Mash area, safe zones, or parking lot.

All players are required to have barrel plugs/socks on their markers at all times in the Mash area.



4 - No blind shooting is allowed. You must always look were you shoot.



5 - Players must always give an opponent the option to surrender before shooting from inside 15 feet.



6 - No physical contact.

Players may not touch another player or their equipment at any time during a game.



7 - Northern Strike reserves the right to approve any item a player brings onto a playing field, such

as but not limited to "smoke bombs, paint grenades", etc.

All equipment must be approved as safe before Northern Strike will allow it to be used on the premises.



 8 - Avoid the field hazards.

Players should be aware that they will be in the bush.

Consequently, players should be careful to watch for ruts, trenches, bunkers, tree roots, etc. on the playing fields.



9 - Field paint only in Rental Markers.

Players that are renting paintball equipment: Do not pick up paintballs off the ground and insert them into the hopper (Hopper holds the paintballs). These paintballs could jam up the markers, and may cause serious injury.

Do not attempt to remove the CO2 tank from a rental marker, or modify any part of the marker. Allow a director  to remove the tank from markers after gameplay is finished



10 - No verbal abuse. Profanity, name calling, etc.

Players are expected to maintain good sportsmanship at all times.

11 - Referee's decisions are final.

Any player arguing with referee's during a game will be ejected from the playing field.

Referee's will only discuss calls when games are concluded.



12 - Vehicles are only allowed in the parking areas.



13 - Players are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

However Northern Strike reserves the right to inspect all equipment for safe operation, and refuse the use of any equipment deemed unsafe. All Markers must shoot under 280fps and must be checked before game play, Periodic checks during the day may be done to insure safe shooting.

Members Field Access

 Members wishing to have access to the field during non-playing hours must be accompanied by a member of the board or unless other previous arrangements have been made.

Any questions please contact any of the directors.