Northern Strike Paintball/Airsoftt



Operation Black Talon: Operation Liberation



After Russia invaded and stopped Ukraine’s attempt to destroy Russian strongholds, NATO has asked Russia to stop all military action in Ukraine. With no response from Russia, NATO is preparing to remove Russian forces from Ukraine. With no communication between the two forces, other than a PMC group called the Black Talon acting as a medium of communication, tensions raise towards another conflict on Ukraine soil.

The game type is team vs team but with a third party, the Black Talon, that is controlled by the admins. Both teams start on opposite sides of Northern Strike’s field. The Black Talon will only be dispatched onto the field periodically throughout the game; they will not be on the field all the time.

The game needs no less than 24 players, but with the size of the field no more than 80. Also teams must be even or if one team must have more players than the other, the team with the most players would be positioned on the south side of the field.

  • Up to 41 players per side
  • 8 Black Talon players minimum
  • At least 10 admins (Admins are not counted in the total.)

This year the field will be sectioned off by natural gullies. Bridges have been made to cross them and will be the only way to move from one section of field to the next.

The game will be set up with multiple objectives on the field. 2 points will be given to a team if they hold a checkpoint; 3 points will be given if they hold a bridge, 5 points will be given if they hold an ammo cache, and 7 points if they hold a FOB at 30 minute intervals. To take a checkpoint, bridge, ammo cache, or FOB a team will fight to objective and change the flag pulley system at the objective to their team flag color. The objective is captured and points are awarded if they hold it at the 30 minute interval. The team continues to receive points at each 30 minute interval as long as their flag is up at the objective.

Teams can also gain points by detonating a bomb on the field, assassination missions, or from intel provided from your CO.

Admins – Ref

Ideally we will have 20 admins. All admins are required to have high visibility clothes, camera, quick reference to the rules on hand, backpack, smoke grenades, radio, and wear hiking clothing underneath their visibility vest . All admins are on field to keep people honest, enforce safety, and keep informed on what is going on during the game as far as the rules are concerned. Any questions that cannot be answered by these rules will be directed to lead admin.

The Gully

-You cannot cross the gully unless you go over a bridge

- The bridge must not be destroyed in order to cross

- If light is red it is destroyed and you cannot cross

- If light is green and you own the bridge you can cross

- Engineers can go into the gully to repair the bridge. If the player is not hit they must re-enter the inbounds play from where they left the field of play.

- If an engineer is hit any player can go to move the engineer. Players must re-enter the field from where they left play.

- Black Talon are highly trained forces and can cross the gully without a bridge.

Respawning and Death

Gun hit- If your weapon is hit it is considered broken and cannot be used. You can bring it back into play if you visit a FOB, ammo cache, or your main base. If you died with a gun hit you respawn with a fixed gun.

Being hit – So you have just been shot! You must shout hit as loud as you can! Then sit or lay down on the ground as if you have been shot. You may not stand up. During this time you may shout for a medic. You are not to move by yourself. Also you cannot stand up until you are treated/healed or are being assisted by another player.

Bleeding out – When you are hit you must bleed out for 3 minutes. Once that time is up you are dead and must respawn. While you are bleeding out you may call for help or say nothing. You cannot move without the help of a teammate and cannot fire your gun or use your knife on another player. When you are in the process of bleeding out an enemy player can finish you off by tapping you on the shoulder. Then you are considered dead.

Dead- You are dead you must wait for 2 minute in the spot where you died. During that time you may be searched by the enemy team. After the 2 minute dead time, walk to a team respawn and enter the game at your own leisure. When dead you cannot communicate tactical information about the game to anyone until respawned back into the game.

Searching other players – When another player is dead/bleeding out. You must ask that player for permission to search them first. If the player gives permission you may search the person for anything you wish. You may not keep anything but red/purple smoke (missiles) everything else must be given back to the dead player. If the player does not give consent, the dead player must reveal contents of all pockets and give them to the searching player. All items received from the searched player must be given back other than team smoke grenades. Once the player is done searching the dead player may respawn at a respawn point. The searching process may take longer than the 2 minute dead time. If the searching player leaves the dead player at any time the dead player may put his things away, respawn and doesn’t have to be searched more than once per death. Players walking back to respawn cannot be searched.

Knife kills – By lightly touching another player on the shoulder with an open hand or with a training knife (rubber knife) that player is considered dead there is no bleed out and must wait the 2 minute dead period before they respawn.

Friendly Fire – If you are shot by a friendly player, the player who is shot is hit and will follow regular bleed out rules.

Being healed - When a player is hit they must bleed out for 3 minutes. During this time any player can come to the fallen player’s aid and tie the injured player’s airsoft tourniquet around the injured player’s arm. The injured player is now back in the game.

Removing tourniquet -If you have been shot once and healed with a tourniquet you can go to a FOB or main base, touch the flag, and then remove the bandage and continue play as if you have not been shot. If you died with a tourniquet on you may remove it when you respawn.

Being hit a second time – When hit a second time with one tourniquet on you can only be revived by a medic. The medic will be put on a second tourniquet and you must drink a bottle of water provided by the medic. If a medic doesn’t reach you before belled out time, follow normal bleed out and dead times then go back to a respawn. Make sure your medic gets his empty water bottle back.

Being hit a third time - If shot with two tourniquets on you are considered dead. However you must still wait the 3 minute bleed out time and the 2 minute dead time. During all of this time you cannot communicate with your team and you may be searched during this time. Once the total of 5 minutes is over you may walk to the respawn areas to enter the game.

Moving while hit – A player who is bleeding out cannot move. Another player must make physical contact with the injured player (ie: grabbing shoulder or arm) then both players can move around the field as long as they remain in physical contact with each other. (One wounded player cannot help another wounded player) While moving neither party can use there weapon. The only time you may enter the valley is to move a hit engineer.

Respawning – After bleeding out for three minutes and being dead for 2 minutes you can walk to any respawn point your team owns, touch it, and you are immediately back into the game. If an enemy player is within 25 ft. of the respawn you cannot enter the game at that respawn.


Capture respawn flags- Respawn flags will be scattered around the field and can be captured by either team or the BT. To capture a respawn flag lower the opposing team color flag on the pulley system and raise your own flag. The BT will lower both flags to show it belongs to them. If your team flag is up you can respawn at this location. Players cannot reload at these points. You may not use an objective that doesn’t belong to your team.

Main Base Respawn – This respawn can’t be taken by the other team as it is the starting position for each team. In addition to respawning here, players may also reload at these locations, repair their hit guns and resupply medics. Please use recycling bins at this location for used recycling.

Ammo cache- Players are aloud to bring their bags with bb’s and a speed loader in there kit. At this location players can take their bb’s that they have on them and put them into there mags. Repair your hit guns on the field and resupply the medic. You cannot respawn here or removes bandages. The ammo cache can be captured by raising your team flag color and lowering the other teams color. You can only change the flag if you are considered alive. Please discard used water bottles at the recycling bin at the ammo caches.

FOB – These areas function like your main base but can be captured and can be destroyed.

Bridges – This year we will have bridges over gullies that are on our field these will be clearly marked on a map and with blue flagging tape. The only way to get over these gullies will be to use the bridge.

Checkpoints – Checkpoints are key locations on the field where they can be captured and are worth 2 points every 30 min. You cannot reload here, you cannot respawn here, you cannot remove your tourniquet.

Destroying an objective – If an objective or your main base is in the bomb or missiles explosion area it is destroyed. Objectives can also be destroyed by engineers. When an objective is destroyed, the light at the objective should be red and the puzzle would be unfinished. What happens to objectives when destroyed is as follows:

  • Main Base: Team Leaders cannot communicate with admins or there team over radio for tactical purposes. (Real life emergencies are always responded to.)
  • Checkpoint: Your team will not receive points every 30 min
  • FOB: You cannot respawn at this location and your team will not receive the 5 points every 30 min
  • Ammo cache: You cannot reload your magazines here or repair your hit guns. Or resupply the medic. Will not receive the 5 points until it is repaired
  • Bridges: If a bridge is destroyed it will not give you points every 30 min and it cannot be used to cross the gully.

Assassination missions

These types of missions can be found in Intel drops. They must be completed in order to receive the reward in the Intel drop. How to complete the mission is as follows:

  • Shoot the player who is being targeted
  • When the player is bleeding out or is dead you search them and find there ID card
  • Take a selfie with assassination target while holding their ID card
  • Show your Faction Leader
  • Faction Leader will call in that the target has been eliminated and the rewards will be at your main base.

How to get points

Checkpoints – Are able to be captured and destroyable. At 30 minute intervals teams that are holding a checkpoint receive 2 points.

Forward Operating Base (FOB) – At 30 minute intervals 5 points will be awarded to the teams that currently hold them. Players may reload at these locations and respawn their hit guns here. FOBs will have one of each of the team flags. In order to receive points your faction’s flag must be up at the FOB. Do not remove flags from these locations.

Intel DropsAdmins will periodically provide faction leaders with Intel. This Intel will be given to the factions leaders remotely through the power of wireless computer networking. These Intel drops will give the faction leaders objectives to accomplish to receive bonus points.

Assassination missions - Some Intel drops may have players targeted for assassination. If you kill this player you must search him and take a selfie of you the assassination target while holding their ID to bring back to your faction leader. The faction leader must notify the Point system admin and have the picture verified by another admin to receive points. The player can only be worth points once. A new assassination mission will not end an older assassination mission. Black Talon can also assassinate targets removing them from your mission pool.

Bridges – Bridges are objectives that can be used to cross the gullies that are a part of the field. Gullies are considered out of bounds and cannot be crossed any other way. Bridges give you 3 points for holding them for 30 mins. You may not respawn here, remove your tourniquet, or reload.

Ammo cache- Are worth 5 points and you may reload your magazines here and fixed hit guns. In order to receive points your faction’s flag must be up at the ammo cache. Do not remove flags from these locations.

Killing Black Talon – Black Talon members will have points on them with keywords. When administration is informed a faction has points will be awarded to your team.

Returning enemy smoke grenades – Engineers have smoke grenades to destroy objectives. Kill the engineers search and take their team smoke grenade then bring it to your team leader for one point per each grenade returned. Red smoke belongs to NATO, purple belongs to Russia, Black Belong to Black Talon

Do not forget to inform your Faction Leader when you capture an objective or he won’t know you have captured the objective.

The Black Talon (BT)

The BT will be playing a big role in keeping the game going and for extra objectives on the field. The BT team will be placed in different areas of the field always with an objective. Once the BT is stopped or they complete their objectives the BT team waits in the safe zone until admins put them back on the field.

Black Talon Escort Mission: The Black Talon is moving a VIP or an Object. If the black Talon get to their extraction point, penalties will occur to the closest main base.
Capturing a VIP/Object: Eliminate the VIP/Object escort. Then have the VIP follow your team to your base. Or find the object and bring the object to your base. Both will have their own rewards.

VIP: Can be shot and will start to bleed out. However the VIP cannot die. To bring the VIP back to their feet, a tourniquet must be applied. A VIP can have as many tourniquets that can fit on their arms.

The BT can capture points and use them as normal. The BT will remain on field until they are all eliminated with no respawn points or are ordered to leave. Then will walk to the safe area reload and stand by for new orders.

Searching: Some Black Talon members have important information on them and are may be worth points. Try searching them.

Capture Objectives: The BT will be dispatched to take an objective away from another team.


The bomb will be placed somewhere on the field. You must find it and arm it with an arming code that will be given to your Faction Leader. The time it takes for the bomb to detonate can be anywhere from 30 min to an hour. If the bomb is not armed, feel free to move it wherever you like.

When the bomb is armed the BT and the disarming team have a brief radio meeting to determine if they will work together to disarm the bomb or separately try to disarm the bomb. If the disarming team agrees to work with the BT and the bomb is disarmed the disarming team will get no points if successful. If they choose not to work together and try separately to disarm the bomb the disarming team gets 25 points if they are able to disarm the bomb, but if the BT disarms the bomb no one gets points.

If a team succeeds in detonating the bomb they will be awarded 50 points. However during the detonation countdown the BT will stop all of their operations and their main objective will become disarming the bomb.

If you successfully hold the position for the duration of the count down and the bomb detonates then everyone within the bomb radius is dead and must respawn. At this point Black Talon returns to their normal function.

Radius of bomb kill zone is one side of the gully on the map. There is no cover from the bomb. If you are in the area you are dead and you must respawn. The bomb destroys all structures and bridges on whichever side of the gully it was set off on.

Break down of BOMB

  • Bomb takes thirty minutes to an hour to detonate
  • Needs a code to arm it
  • BT will try to stop you if your team arms the bomb
  • 50 points to successfully detonate bomb
  • 25 points to disarm bomb without BT help
  • 0 points if Bomb is disarmed with the help of the BT
  • The bomb will destroy all objectives and kill all players on one side of the gully.

Teams and Game play

Team composition

  • Faction Leader 1 per Faction
  • No more than 1 LMG player per 5 players
  • No more than 1 Grenadier per 5 players
  • 1 Sniper per 10 players
  • 1 DMR per 10 players
  • As many riflemen as you want!
  • No more than five Engineers per faction.
  • No more than five medics per faction

Team Colors

  • Russia is the green team
  • NATO can also wear green. Fire teams can wear any BDU color they want as long as every member of the fire team matches.
  • The BT is expected to have tan rigs. Beige cargos and black sleeved shirts.
  • Administration will be identified by a light blue beret.
  • Team patch must be visible on arm

Faction Leader

  • Each team has a Faction Leader. He will be responsible for organizing his whole team to success. Also he must let the Point System Admin know when his team has captured an objective.
  • The faction leader can break the dead men tell no tales rule only to speak to an admin.
  • Faction Leader will be chosen by the players on the faction followed by a final approval from administration.
  • Faction leaders will have the authority to temporarily remove players from the game. Having those temporary removed players go to admin station where we can talk out the problems.
  • Will need multiple radios.

Fire team/Squad Leader

  • Leader of fire team/squad
  • Must have a radio
  • Takes direction from Squad leader or Faction Leader
  • Co-ordinates fire team
  • Acts as riflemen


  • Can only use standard AEG that hold midcaps.
  • Can hold no more than 12 bottles of water at one time
  • Must return used bottles of water to get new ones. They will be stored at your main base.
  • If a player has been hit for a second time and one bandage on a medic can give that player a second bandage, but before the player can re-enter the game they must drink a bottle of water.
  • Takes orders from Fire team leader, Squad Leader


  • Has a bolt action airsoft gun.
  • Is not part of a fire team, may be working alone, could have a spotter
  • Must have a radio to stay in communication with the faction leader
  • Is an asset that can be utilized by the Faction Leader.
  • If you want to play with your friends don’t take this role
  • Takes orders from Fire team leader, Squad Leader


  • Gun must follow DMR rules
  • Member of Squad/Fire team
  • Is used to fire accurately at targets from a greater distance then standard AEG’s
  • Takes orders from Fire team leader, Squad Leader


  • Gun must follow LMG rules
  • Used to put large amounts of bb’s on targets to stop them from moving, or hit the moving ones
  • Member of Squad/Fire team
  • If hit it’s advised you allow another player to use your gun until you are back into the fight. But not mandatory.
  • Takes orders from Fire team leader, Squad Leader


  • Must follow Grenadier gun rules
  • In this event shower grenades will be the most used
  • Used to eliminate enemies that are close together.
  • Ricochets hits from your grenades count as kills
  • Member of Squad/Fire team
  • Takes orders from Fire team leader, Squad Leader


  • Must follow standard AEG rules
  • Is the main body of a fire team / squad
  • Member of Squad/Fire team
  • Takes orders from Fire team leader, Squad Leader

Engineers Destroying and Repairing

  • Engineers will all be carrying wiring, battery, switches and smoke grenades. (wiring, batteries and switches cannot be taken)
  • Engineers can carry standard AEG’s. Otherwise act as riflemen.
  • To destroy an objective an engineer must place the smoke grenade towards the middle of the objective. Attach the wiring to the smoke grenade, battery, and switch. Lead the wiring at the minimum 15 ft. away from the objective. Flick the switch and if the smoke grenade goes off the objective is destroyed.
    • Then change the light on the objective from green to red.
    • Once the objective is destroyed radio your faction leader, leave the used smoke grenade in place.
    • Faction leaders will inform admins. Admins will rearrange the puzzle that is required to repair the objective.
  • To repair the objective an engineer must solve the puzzle. Then switch the light to green.
    • The bridges have two puzzles to solve
    • Other objectives have one
  • Make sure your team flag is up. You can’t use an objective that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Get new smoke grenades at main base to destroy more objectives.
  • Engineers are the only player aloud to enter the valley but only to repair and destroy bridges. Once they are done they must renter the field of the play in the same place the left it from.
  • Only engineers can use the lights. After an objective is destroyed or repaired an engineer must change the light to the appropriate color. If the engineer gets shot during this time they are considered hit. But can still change the light to the color it needs to be. Then go back to where they were hit and follow standard being hit procedures.
  • You must fix the puzzle to repair the objective. If the puzzle is in place and the light is red you must wait for an admin to take down the puzzle piece before you can repair.
  • Engineers must have a radio


In order to fire a missile the faction leader must call to the admins requesting to fire a missile. An admin will arrive with the missile system and will be escorted to the firing location which will be determined by your teams Faction Leader. The admins will run the siren and after 10 min the missile will strike the intended target

  • Teams will receive a missile every 4 hours from admins
  • There will be intel drops where teams can earn missiles
  • Missiles will have a limited range of 3 Squares of the field so teams will have to move their missile systems closer to farther targets.
  • Takes 10 minutes for missiles to fire
  • Opposing teams can stop the missiles from being fired by physically removing the smoke and keeping it for themselves to use at a different time. Or turn it in for one point per enemy smoke grenade.
  • By eliminating all the players protecting the missile systems and informing admin on hand at the missile site they are changing the coordinates of the missile. Then waiting for the 10 min countdown to finish.
  • Missiles can only be called in one at a time and no less than 45 min apart
  • Kill radius for missiles is 3x3 on the map.
  • There is no cover from missiles. If you are in the area you are dead and must respawn.
  • Missile smoke color is team based players cannot bring their own red/purple /black smoke.
  • Can destroy objectives

Gun Classification

  • No faction related weapons. You can bring any type of gun you want.
  • An LMG is an AEG that has a true to life real steal version. Ex: Stoner, M60, M249 and so on
  • A Sniper rifle is a bolt action airsoft gun
  • A DMR is semi auto airsoft gun that shoots over 400 fps/1.5 J. Where the real steel counterpart fires a 7.62 or higher caliber bullet.
  • Side arm is a handgun no faction restrictions.


  • Each player can carry up to two throw-able grenades
  • Sound grenades are not considered lethal, they are distraction devices.
  • Smoke grenades can be used if there is no fire ban in the area. NO RED, PURPLE, OR BLACK SMOKE (can change at a moment’s notice)
  • Grenades that expel bb’s from them are lethal in a 10 foot radius from the point of where the grenade rests after detonation. BB’s do not have to hit you in order to be considered hit. Players that are not behind solid cover are considered hit. Bushes do not count as solid cover but tree trunks do. Players who are hit will follow normal rules for hits
  • A Grenadier can have up to 12 40mm grenades at one time
  • Shower 40mm grenades cannot remove a vehicle but can remove the players who are struck by it from the vehicle
  • There will be no bear bangers or similar devices aloud to be used by players. Due to high fire risks.
  • No pyro technics to be used by players at any time

FPS limits and Magazine rules

Player guns may not shoot any higher than what their role specifies

This will be a midcap only event. Players may have 6 + 1 in their primary.

LMG players are restricted to one LMG mag that holds 1000+ bb’s.

AEG/LMG – max 400 fps measured with .2/ 1.5 J with a 20ft engagement distance

Snipers bolt action- max 500 fps/2.32 J with a 100ft engagement distance

DMR – (Must be electronically or mechanically locked to semi) max 450fps/1.88 J 50ft engagement distance

Side Arms - Semi 400 fps with .2 or 1.5 J No engagement distance

Full auto 350 or 1.14 J no engagement distance

Rate of fire – Guns can fire no more than 25 rounds a second.

Side arms and Secondary’s

Players can have a sidearm. The sidearm cannot have any more than 100 bb’s for it at any given time.

Ex: 5 mags with 20 rounds in each, or 2 mags with 50 rounds.

Because of the size of the event, secondary weapons are not necessary and we will not be using them.

*However feel free to bring along as many guns as you wish in case something breaks. But you can only be on the field with one Primary at a time.

Engagement distance

A sniper has an engagement of 100ft this means he must use a different weapon to shoot at anyone 100 ft. and under.

Any engagement under 20ft players MUST use semi only or use a side arm.

There is no bang use for this event. With that said please be respectful to other players.

Remember: ANYTHING given to you by Northern Strike is up for grabs, can be taken away by the other teams. Also can be taken by administration.

Team smoke grenades

Team smoke grenades are to mark who is firing missiles and destroying objectives. If you find a Red, Purple, or black smoke grenade they are team smoke grenades and cannot be used like normal smoke. Bring these to your faction leader for points. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN BLACK,PURPLE OR RED smoke grenades.


  • Intel Drops: Will be given to the CO by administration
    • Black Talon Escort mission
    • Points for team
    • Hints on how to mechanically disarm the BOMB
    • The bomb disarm code (Which will change every six hours)
    • Team Smoke grenades
    • Assassination missions put out on other players.
  • Checkpoints: 2 points awarded to the team that holds it on the 30 min interval.
  • FOB: 5 points awarded to the team that holds it at the 30 min interval.
  • Bridges: 3 points awarded to the team that holds it at the 30 min interval
  • Respawn point: Not worth any points
  • Enemy team smoke grenades 1 point.
  • BOMB:
    • Detonating bomb: 50 points
    • Disarming bomb: 25 points
    • Detonating bomb while trying to disarm the bomb: 0 points to either team.

Communications Etiquette

  • You may monitor enemy communications but you may not interfere with radio communications
  • If caught Admins will no longer communicate with your Faction Leader for 2 hours

Dealing with Problem Players

This is not a “military simulation” but we are trying to make it as close to a simulation that we can so in order for everyone to enjoy the game we ask to follow the chain of command that is set out. If you are asked to do something by someone higher up the chain we ask that you preform those tasks. If you do not you may be asked to go to admin station to speak with administration, by your Faction Leader. If you do not arrive to discuss issues with administration we will look for you and remove you from the game. So please come speak with us so that we can make the game enjoyable for everyone. Chain of command is as follows.

1st Faction Leader

2nd Faction Leaders 2nd in command

3rd Your Squad Leader

4th Your Fire Team Leader

Everyone is supposed to play. You are expected to follow your Faction Leaders order and sometime they are unfair and not as fun as what you want to do. Work with your fire team and squad leaders and remind your Faction Leader you want to do something else. You can’t always do what you want but you should be able to do sometimes. If you have tried speaking with your Faction Leader and he still won’t play you in a spot you don’t like come to administration and we can speak with your Faction Leader. Everyone deserves to have fun, but we all have to pull in the same direction.

If you come across a player who you believe is not calling there hits or over shooting. You can inform your Faction Leader or have your fire team leader or squad leader inform your Faction Leader. Your Faction Leader will inform administration and we will do our best to have a field marshal come to observe the player for a short period of time. So make sure you have a good description of the player other than he is wearing camouflage or has a gun.

What we do not want players to do is:

  • Call other players hits
  • Stop game play and yell at the accused player
  • Overshoot the accused player
  • Threatening players with real world violence

Players found not calling there hits or doing an action from the do not do list, will lose points for their team. Players that are found not following the rules again will be taken out of the game. If a real world fight comes up you will be removed from play banned from Northern strike events and field then charged for assault. So please do not let a game ruin your real life we are all here to have fun, and have a good time with both teams.

Freeze in play

There will be a scheduled dinner break at 1800 – 1900, then game will resume until 2230 where we will have a field freeze. No players will be allowed on field between 2230 - 0900. All must return to the safe area during that time. At 0830-09000 players may walk to a respawn area they control and prepare for the game to begin at a hard 0900. At 0900 the game will carry on from where it left off.

At 2300 there will be an optional night operation there must be at least 5 players from each team in order for the game to happen if there are not enough players this game will not happen.

Rules are subject to change up until the day of the event.

Rules are subject to change up until the day of the event.