Northern Strike Paintball/Airsoftt



                                                                                                   ONLY DEFENDER TICKETS AVAILABLE

- Rescue the VIPs from the enemy
- Bring VIPs to extraction zone.
- Hold until undefined time.
- Setup base
- Capture VIPs from down “helicopter”
- Bring to base.
- Hold VIP there until undefined time.
Once on the field players cannot leave the play area
- Hit: When hit with a bb or a grenade goes off too close to you. You are considered hit. You need to shout hit and raise your hand and lay down, you then can lower your hand and put on a red rag to show anyone you are out. Then start a 5 min bleed out.
- Bleed out: After following the hit rules, you wait where you were shot until a medic arrives. If one does not arrive within 5 min you are dead and can walk back to base.
- Respawn: To respawn you speak to the respawn admin who will be waiting at the respawn area “camp” he will make note of when you were killed and will tell you when you can enter back into the game. Which could be up to an hour. The attacking team will do this over the radio and will be told when and where they can respawn.
- Grenade: All grenades are considered lethal out to 3 meters if solid cover is between you and the grenade you are safe.
- Reload mags: You can reload mags at your main base.
- Revive: Take downed players arm band and wrap it around their arm. Arm band can be removed at main base. Can only be done by medics.
Everyone must always wear their eye protection. There is no safe zone. Even when sleeping you must wear your eye protection.
FPS limits, Magazine
This will be a midcap only event. Defending team may have 3 + 1 in their primary. However, the attacking team can bring as many mags as they can carry.
LMG players are restricted to one LMG mag that holds 1000+ bb’s.
AEG/LMG – max 400 fps measured with .2/ 1.5 J with a 20ft engagement distance.
Snipers bolt action- max 500 fps/2.32 J with a 100ft engagement distance
DMR – (Must be electronically or mechanically locked to semi) max 450fps/1.88 J 50ft engagement distance.
Side Arms - Semi 400 fps with .2 or 1.5 J No engagement distance
Full auto 350 or 1.14 J no engagement distance
Rate of fire – Guns can fire no more than 25 rounds a second.
Side arms and Secondary’s
Players can have a sidearm. The sidearm cannot have any more than 100 bb’s for it at any given time.
Ex: 5 mags with 20 rounds in each, or 2 mags with 50 rounds.
You can bring a second gun out with you during the game, but you can only have a total of 4 mags.
*However, feel free to bring along as many guns as you wish in case something breaks.
Engagement distance
A sniper has an engagement of 100ft this means he must use a different weapon to shoot at anyone 100 ft. and under.
Any engagement under 20ft players MUST use semi only or use a side arm.
Weapons that shoot over 400 fps must use a side arm for targets within 20ft.
- There is no BANG use for this event. With that said please be respectful to other players
Field Rules
- There will be no facilities you must dig a hole and fill it once you are done.
- This game will not be on Northern Strike Field so you must bring enough food and water for 30 hours.
- You will be eating and sleeping on the field.
- Once on the field of play you cannot leave until the game is over or an emergency occurs.
- You can dig fox holes on the field, but the owners ask you fill them in at end of game.
- Everyone must meet at Northern Strike field by 7 pm Friday July 30. To chrono. Once completed we will all go to the field that will remain unnamed.